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Lambing 2010

Posted by crazysheep 
Lambing 2010
01 January, 2010 11:43PM
Happy new year all,
it was for one of my girls (caught on the way to a show!)

She is my favourite ewe, and has a sweet little daughter born early this morning.

She was well up on her feet.....

and loves her mum!

Especially the milk bar...trouble is, the next ewe isn't due until 7th feb so she'll have to amuse herself until then!
Re: Lambing 2010
02 January, 2010 06:56AM
Lovely!!! Really lovely! smiling smiley
Re: Lambing 2010
02 January, 2010 01:56PM
Happy new year

Gorgeous ---- Gorgeous !!!

She already looks like a Prize Winner !

Well done C.S.

Re: Lambing 2010
02 January, 2010 04:01PM
Hello CS,

She looks happy and healthy and the first lamb is always exciting!

Thanks for the pics.

Re: Lambing 2010
02 January, 2010 06:05PM
Lovely start to the year! You have put me to shame - my poor ewes are covered in mud! But I will bring them in for lambing in a few weeks. They still eat very little hay but tuck into the hard feed and mineral lick with relish. I can't tempt them with any sort of veg either.

Is the ewe related to any of mine CS?

Re: Lambing 2010
02 January, 2010 10:19PM
Thanks all!
Mum & babe will be going out in the field tomorrow (only during daytime-have lost new lambs to foxes here!) so will try to take some more piccies.
Bramblecot, the little one is sired by Gerry so she is their half sister! The ewe is a different line altogether.
I look forward to seeing other folk's lambs on this thread as and when they arrive!
Re: Lambing 2010
03 January, 2010 10:24PM
As promised, some shots of little one's first forays...

...a little unsure, keeping close to mum...

..do I suckle or explore?...

...i'll be clever and balance on a frosty log!
i'm still waiting for her left ear to straighten up! I hope she's not going to be a wingnut!
Re: Lambing 2010
04 January, 2010 07:10AM
Super pictures, thank you - lovely start to first day back at work! The lamb looks very bonny (and clean - no yellow gunk!). I'm sure her ears will even up in time. We're not due until March here, so just about to start on the run up to lambing feeding regime.
Re: Lambing 2010
08 January, 2010 05:25PM
Crazysheep - how is your little ewe lamb coping with this chilly weather? Have you given her an additional woolly jumper?
Re: Lambing 2010
08 January, 2010 10:31PM
She's fine!
The ear has straightened, and she has put on sooo much weight the little red macs won't fit! We have christened her Cherry, keeping with the stone fruit theme.. her mum is Damson.
I only let them out during the day, they come into the stable at night away from the foxes!
Re: Lambing 2010
09 January, 2010 06:36PM
First Dartmoor lamb

soon up on his feet

Then another popped out!

both boys ---homebred ewe lots of milk and seems to be good mum.

Re: Lambing 2010
09 January, 2010 08:47PM
Great piccies! Thry look strong!
Re: Lambing 2010
09 January, 2010 11:06PM
Well done, they look very bonny!

As promised, another update. 1 week old now, but still coming in at night, those foxes are out there! Here she is with mum, she's not in her little red mac as they don't fit her now!

And another of her giving me evil eyes (thanks to the camera flash!)

Still have to order my new tags, just waiting for Animal Health & Trading Standards to confirm which UK no. I have to use, as this is not my usual holding but is within 5 miles...I've really caused them headaches!
Re: Lambing 2010
12 January, 2010 10:55PM
Tilly, how are your lambs getting on?
Re: Lambing 2010
13 January, 2010 01:04AM
Little Dartmoor ram lambs doing fine ----- I`ve left them entire --- in case turn out nice enough to show summer time.
Another Lincoln longwool ewe lambed late evening ----- just been out to check them 1.30am --lamb sitting up with full belly of
milk and everybody settled in barn smiling smiley
night --- night world !!!

picture of the boys -------

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Re: Lambing 2010
21 January, 2010 12:25PM
I am thought of by my friends as a person who`s been "around livestock" and
"thick skinned " when things go wrong.We all know the saying "where
there`s livestock there`s deadstock !".
But it`s still very sad when something dies in your hands.
The lambing on the farm is underway -Dartmoors
- Leicester longwools
. - Lincoln longwools
- Shropshires ------ all due now.
The commercials and Kery Hill due March or just before.

First problem came yesterday ---- Dartmoor with waterbag ---no pushing though.
I rolled up my sleeve ---- investigation ----- ringwomb.
Spent 3/4 of hour easing it open ---- Lamb the otherside -- about an hour later
with lambing rope, and my hand "cramping up "(lamb was obiously dead and without
going into the gory details, had been ,for along while.) Eventualy managed to
get lamb out .I left the ewe to rest --- came back to her ---- another dead lamb.
I made the ewe as comfortable as possible and gave her a large injection of
Pen and strep.
----Flossy sadly died during the night.( her records showed see had a still born lamb last year)

Farming livestock isn`t always easy.
Anyway ,The joy of watching these little rascals romping about this morning has cheered me up!


Re: Lambing 2010
21 January, 2010 01:57PM
So very sorry to hear about your lambing woes. It never gets any easier does it. Each time we lose one, especially one's we've had to nurse, I always get upset and then my husband threatens to throw in the towel. (Never!) As you say you look at the 'little rascals' skipping round the fields and it makes it all worthwhile.

I really hope that the rest goes smoothly so you can enjoy watching your bundles of fun - what a delight they are.
Re: Lambing 2010
30 January, 2010 02:22PM
Hi everyone,
Good news --- a little girl
I had to help her come into the world, a common malpresentation meant it couldn`t be a natural birth.
The lambs head was turned back and dropped down into the uterus --- plate illustration of what had happened-----

Small hands are a asett sometimes --the lamb was gently pushed back and her head bought round and up ,
once she was presented correctly----- see came out eagerly!

It is nice to have someone to call on who has lambing experience, if you are new to the job,there is alot to learn
and I wouldn`t advise the novice attempting intervention without someone experienced to hand.

anyway I think she`s a little "cracker" don`t you!

Re: Lambing 2010
30 January, 2010 05:48PM
Good for you Jackie. It's nothing like as easy as the explanatory photo might indicate, especially if there are two of them in there and you have to work out which limb belongs to which lamb. Those with only a few sheep don't get the hand-on practice until it's an emergency. Then in my case it's important to hold down the panic as well as the ewe! I hope the little one goes from strength to strength and Mum is OK too.
Re: Lambing 2010
31 January, 2010 04:45PM
Little Miss "Big Ears" ---- spent first night on heated wool underblanket !! ----

Re: Lambing 2010
03 February, 2010 11:01PM
Sorry to hear about your ringwomb case, I had one on sunday.
She had a water bag but was not trying to lamb, added to that she wasn't due for another 11 days = trouble!
On examination, the cervix was not dilated, and after 40 minutes of trying to open it up, there was no budging it! I 'phoned the vet, and had 2 options, an emergency caesarean or euthanise the ewe. I chose the caesar!


Scrubbing the site...

Lamb revival...

My brother took these pics on his Blackberry, couldn't face taking any of the op! The vet delivered a live twin of ram lambs, but they were very weak...

Sadly they died despite all my efforts to save them, 11 days early was just too premature. The ewe was rough for a couple of days, but once she cleansed, and with plenty of antibiotic cover she is getting stronger. Sadly she will never breed again.
Re: Lambing 2010
04 February, 2010 10:20AM
Sorry to hear about your ewe with the premature lambs crazysheep. As you so rightly say an early labour is a sure sign of trouble, in all 3 instances I have experienced in my flock of premature births, all the lambs have died. I wonder if anyone has ever had any viable lambs that were a week or more early. Thank you so much for sharing the story and pictures with us - it's always interesting to gain an insight into these things since as smallholders it can take a while to experience them for ourselves. Out of interest regarding the ewe, did the vet recommend not breeding with her on welfare grounds or was it more of a commercial decision you have taken not to take a gamble with a ewe with a 'history'?
Re: Lambing 2010
04 February, 2010 04:39PM
In my early years with sheep, a Suffolk cross ewe had a ring womb caesar at least a week early, the lambs did survive and the ewe was fine. I asked the vet whether or not the ewe could lamb again and he said there was no reason why not. I missed the sub-text "I wouldn't if I were you", put her in lamb the following year; same thing happened again and that time the lambs were too premature to be viable and so sadly dear Rosie was mutton. Then later on I had 2 ring womb caesareans in my first year of lambing Dartmoors. In both cases the lambs were delivered alive and survived after some initial TLC to get them going. The ewes weren't raddled so I don't know how much/if they were early or not (needless to say made sure the ram had a raddle harness for the next season).
Does anyone know what causes ringwomb? As we've had several in a very small flock over the years, I wondered if it could be a mineral defficiency.
I think we need some happy ending lambing stories instead of the horrors, otherwise Bramblecot will be a nervous wreck by the time her ewes arrive at their first lambing!
Re: Lambing 2010
04 February, 2010 10:24PM
It was the vet's advice not to breed from her again, I did have a poll Dorset who had ringwomb which I successfully manipulated to deliver a triplet, 2 weeks premature and not viable. She did go on to lamb successfully after that as she didn't have a caesarean. It seems to be the combination of ringwomb and caesar that makes the difference.
This is the first case I have had in Dartmoors in 11 years of lambing them!
Re: Lambing 2010
05 February, 2010 08:59AM
Out of interest are the ringwomb cases that others have experienced generally been in shearlings?
The first year I lambed I thought I had a ringwomb case in a shearling but I think it was just my inexperience and impatience for her to start pushing. Albeit she did take a very long time - 8+ hours.
I've since learned to be a lot more patient, especially with the ewe in question, she has always been a drama queen at lambing - but fortunately a brilliant Mum.
Re: Lambing 2010
05 February, 2010 03:23PM
There doesn`t seem to be any" rhyme nor reason" to why ringwomb occurs ,Flossy, who died was a second time lamber
she had twins last year, one of which was born dead but the other was strong and healthy.
----There seems to be varying degrees of ringwomb.
Often the lamb being pushed against the the undilated cervix will help -so I think what Hayley Hay -Tor has said is correct ,but each case is different and you have to weigh up when too assist lambing.
It pays to give nature a chance.


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Re: Lambing 2010
09 February, 2010 09:47AM
Hello everybody,
It`s all kicking off here, not much time for the winter blues ----

I don`think it is the "done thing" but I sometimes steal a little colostrum from well laden ewes- with a single lamb.I put small packets of it in the freezer and when I need it ,carefully warm it up. A couple of teaspoons is enough to save a lambs life if the natural mum has a problem with her udder or is just slow in letting her milk down.

I have tried powdered colostrum in the past, but have never had much luck with it.

Flossy`s colostrum was given to these guys-----

--- mother of these only "firing on one cylinder "and not much in that one --they are 3 days old now so as you can imagine looked pretty premature when just born, they stay with their mum during the day and come indoors at night so I can keep an eye on them.

Re: Lambing 2010
12 February, 2010 06:09PM
Dear Jacky,
How are those 3 little cardboard city dwellers getting on? Are they Kerry Hills?
Powdered colostrum is better than nothing, but I agree with you the real thing is best and I do try to keep a bit in the freezer from one year to the next (carefully labelled in case of accidental mis-use!).
Re: Lambing 2010
13 February, 2010 03:33PM
Hi Hillary,
The "cardboard city dwellers" are doing real fine, thankyou. They all were so small I gave " little hope "of them surviving.
When something gives all its got to "live"--- I pull the stops out too.
They are not purebred Kerry Hill ---- but have the Kerry" fight" in them.
Back with mum now full-time with bottle feeds.
Jackiesmiling smiley
Re: Lambing 2010
15 February, 2010 11:39AM
My only Lantrees ewe has done me proud-- a little ewe lamb

---- Miss Cheeky Chops
------- Boss Lady says I`m going to be a "show sheep" .
------------- "Oh" is this my best side? -- How could any judge not give me a rosette !!

Here she is again with her mum and best friend, Miss Big Ears.

Jackie ---- I hope I`m not boring you with my events !

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