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Lambing 2010

Posted by crazysheep 
Re: Lambing 2010
28 February, 2010 04:58PM
The dog idea is a good one but if you put it in the same pen the poor dog will probably get an undeserved beating. We used to pen the ewe in a largish pen, so she is less likely to stand on a lamb and tie the dog up a distance a way (but not in the pen,) so the dog can't leave, far enough away that the ewe didn't tread all over her lambs trying to defend them but close enough that she wanted to mother them to keep them from harm.


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Re: Lambing 2010
28 February, 2010 10:17PM
I knew it was going too well!
Had a ewe (first timer) lamb last night, got there on my evening check to find the ewe almost on her back with the lamb half delivered. I helped the lamb out then turned the ewe around to clean it. She took one look and got up as if to say " not my problem!" and busied herself in the haynet!
I tried everything to get that ewe to mother the lamb, afterbirth on nose, rubbing in milk etc, but to no avail. If I stand in the pen, she will let him suckle, but the moment I switch my attention, she strolls off sending him sprawling!
Today I took the dog in, she huffed and stamped her foot, but not once did she turn to the lamb. I will keep persevering with her in solitary confinement until either she mothers him, or I put him on the bottle! I've christened him Gungadin!
Re: Lambing 2010
01 March, 2010 01:32AM
Acer enjoying some sunshine on his 4th day...

Smug mum...

Twins 24 hours old. I was a bit over enthusiastic with the spray! The little one on the left is much smaller and weaker..hope she will be ok.....

Re: Lambing 2010
01 March, 2010 10:57AM
Hi everyone
---there`s a great deal going on --
Fingers crossed everyone is remaining reasonably sane!
The idea of feeding regime influencing lambing time is intriguing -- I have not come across this before.

When is the optimum feeding time ?

Could this be the end to my moonlight "deliveries" in the shed?
interestingly enough ---- on reflection ,all my Dartmoors that have lambed so far, have done during the day!

Re: Lambing 2010
01 March, 2010 11:45AM
When we were lambing 100s of commercials they were fed their concentrates at about 8 to 9 in the morning and about 5 to 6 in the evening. There were lambs 24/7 but the most seemed to arrive lunchtime, afternoon, after dark, especially just before light and at about supper time BUT extreme tiredness does play tricks and I was getting very little sleep cat naps on the settee!!! Because if I was foolish to leave them more than 2 hours between visits several would pick the same corner and lamb, if I was lucky they would only have had one out of their two lambs but of course get very confused over ownership - it was a great incentive to get out there regularly. So anything to do with feed times? The only thing I noticed for sure was - if they were very close to lambing, they were already off in the chosen corner, if very close to lambing they probably wouldn't come to the trough, so maybe some would try to wait to lamb until after the next feeding time? Also anything that is about to lamb - if we disturb it in anyway they can potentially put off lambing for an hour or so, maybe feeding them disturbs some of them sufficiently to put them off a few hours? With the commercials we had there were so many, I, or someone else needed to walk through the shed every hour or so at least, so they were disturbed constantly, perhaps they were used to it.

Re: Lambing 2010
01 March, 2010 03:16PM
Maybe it's a complete and utter fluke that I have been so lucky to date, but the feeding regime that I have used is a feed between 7and 8am and another between 6 and 7pm. Let's hope the girls continue to be co-operative, especially since I'm hoping to lamb outside this year!
Re: Lambing 2010
01 March, 2010 07:17PM
"I helped the lamb out then turned the ewe around to clean it"

Crazysheep; I can't think of any helpful hints to encourage the ewe to take the lamb but in future taking the lamb to the ewe may prove easier on your back! confused smiley

Mine have all lambed in the daylight no longer than four hours post morning feed (8am) - strange but true

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Re: Lambing 2010
01 March, 2010 10:34PM
I have always been told to turn the ewe to the lamb, because she expects it to be behind her!
She is mothering a bit now, will fuss if I take him out and fussed when I rung his tail! He is always content when I go in, so suckling is obviously happening when I am not around.
Re: Lambing 2010
02 March, 2010 08:11PM
Sounds like you've cracked it with Gungadin, Crazysheep, congratulationssmiling smiley
It's SO frustrating when a ewe wont take the lamb, the urge to pick them up and shake them somehow has to be channelled into sheep mothering lessons!
Re: Lambing 2010
04 March, 2010 11:59AM
Hi, I tried to send some photos the other day but I was blocked as spam. Any idea why please?

This is just a another try. Acer at 7 days old, Cherry is a great mum.
If this works, I will try and post some of the ewe twins.

Re: Lambing 2010
04 March, 2010 12:08PM
It worked! lovely shot.
Re: Lambing 2010
04 March, 2010 12:37PM
Here we have Damson with the twins born outside, very small and quite weak to start with - but seem fine now after 4 days in the barn. Tried the trick with the dog but my ewes are too familiar with our dogs - she didn't bat an eyelid. However she has taken a great dislike to the lamb in the next pen. Is this normal?

Re: Lambing 2010
04 March, 2010 10:42PM
They don't look that tiny to me!
It is normal for a ewe to get aggressive towards a lamb who isn't hers, the lambs are usually a bit surprised but heed the butting!

It's been a lovely day today, any excuse to get out with the camera!

Foxglove (the reluctant mum) with her ram lamb 'Gungadin', who she will not let out of her sight!

Clover and her twin ewe lambs born last monday

Bramble's ewe lamb, who i've named Blackberry

Fickle's ewe lamb, who has the tiddliest ears! ...and is the tiddliest lamb!

Garfield is filling out now, posing with his mum, Bracken

And one for ahhh appeal, Fancy's twin of ram lambs

Re: Lambing 2010
05 March, 2010 06:24AM
Great pictures, thanks Crazysheep. So good to see them all out in the sunshine.
Counting down to our due date of 12th March ....
Re: Lambing 2010
05 March, 2010 08:27AM
Bramblecot - as Crazysheep says the twins look fine - dartmoor lambs twins are not always the bigest, strongest or quickest to get going. Certainly nowhere near as strong as the likes of Dorsets. Just make sure they get that all important colustrum within the first hour - they should soon pick up after that.

Crazysheep - it looks like you've got a cracking selection of lambs, Fickle's little ewe lamb is such a doll! Have you dared to put a tag in those tiddly ears though yet??
Re: Lambing 2010
05 March, 2010 10:11PM
Yes, all lambs are tagged before venturing into the field. That way I know exactly who belongs to whom! Some of the ears have bent a bit, and I have only put the non EID tag in the right ear. I will put the EID tags in later. If you look closely, you can see the tags in the ears!
Re: Lambing 2010
06 March, 2010 02:10PM
Thank goodness the days are drawing out and a there`s a hint of spring in the air ----

--got two first time lambers this morning (commericials) both dislike their lambs intensely ---one now on a halter and the other is right next to where gypsy`s favourite daytime spot is ------I don`t know that it will help,but at least they will probably annoy each other!!!!

One of the older dartmoors lost her lambs -(lambed during the night !), a couple of days ago, both a bit premature I think.
She looked so sad - she didn`t have much milk and would have" dried up" easily ---but I thought If she would take a rejected lamb it would make her work for a living "and not become a walking "butter-ball"!.
---she loves her new strange looking baby!

---- Bumble---doing well---- playing in the feed trough ,mum watchs on.

------ a bit later on----
-----good dog !

Re: Lambing 2010
07 March, 2010 07:25PM
Lovely pics everyone.

I do like the "good dog"! What a face!

I've been out in the field today to look over my lambs. They are now growing well. Here are a few of them enjoying the sunshine.

Re: Lambing 2010
13 March, 2010 10:56PM
Lovely piccies Lynne, I love the lamb with a beauty spot beside it's nose!

My lot have slowed down now, 2 left to lamb by the end of the month. Latest to pop is Heather, with a twin of rabbits! They are growing, but my goodness were they tiny at birth!

Another one of the ram lambs who keeps catching my eye, Gabriel, he's a show off!

The ewes and lambs have been moved to (slightly) greener pastures, enjoying the sunshine...


And lastly, 3 of my boys from last year who all passed inspection, L-R, Ferdy, Finnigan and Fred. Diesel the older ram is lurking behind them!

Re: Lambing 2010
14 March, 2010 06:21AM
Love the lambs playing crazysheep! It it great to see them pronging about. And don't they look lovely and white at this time of the year. Your boys have grown well and you do seem to have some grass which is more than I can say for this part of the world where the fields are now scorched and brown.

Did anyone watch the highlights from Lambing Live last night? I didn't watch it during the week - had enough of my own Lambing Live here!!! Although my colleagues at school were watching it avidly and may now understand the stresses of the whole business for me now!confused smiley

I've one more to go after my single ewe lamb on Thursday evening. She is one of the line that came from my original ewe from William Dawe who I called Dolla. Her granddam is the front one on the three lambs piccie that is seen round and about. She was waiting outside eager to see her own daughter give birth to her grandaughter and really would have preferred to have been in on the birth herself! Funny lot my sheep!

I am really pleased with my Sunnyside ram and will be probably keeping him for another year. He has not thrown any really bad faults at all and all his lambs are "my sort" if you know what I mean.

Crazysheep - little beauty spot is a ewe lamb so here's hoping that she grows well. Already eating creep so that's good.
Re: Lambing 2010
15 March, 2010 07:41PM
Born on Friday. A ewe lamb!

Here is my latest arrival. Made me realise just how much the other lambs had grown in a week!
Re: Lambing 2010
15 March, 2010 10:40PM
What lovely black noses yours have Lynne!
My latest ewe lamb born to Tansy seems to have missed out in the nose department!

Gungadin is growing! he's quite a curious little chap...

Ickle Fickle's ewe lamb twinkles at you when you look at her, i've named her Jasmine.

More frolics!

Re: Lambing 2010
16 March, 2010 05:14AM
Beautiful! I like Jasmine!
Re: Lambing 2010
27 March, 2010 07:58PM
I've been waiting to post in this topic and it's taken until today to get some pictures of dry lambs rather than bedraggled and miserable looking ones!
These two arrived just short of St Patrick's day, needing a bit of help to get the ram lamb lined up correctly rather than head back. The little ewe lamb just slid out after him.

This is Kew and Petroc basking in the sunshine today:

and Petroc doing a bit of posing:

More ear tag droopy ears and in my tiny Manx lambs it's even worse. I'm keeping the electronic tags until the lambs are much older and/or I have to put them in to comply with regs.
Re: Lambing 2010
27 March, 2010 10:11PM
I am rather annoyed with having to tag so young, I have to tag mine at birth because I have to move them once they are a week old to another holding. I still have a lot of droopy ears! I notice you tag in the front of the ear, as per instructions. I usually tag mine underneath otherwise they get ripped out on the stockfence!
Re: Lambing 2010
28 March, 2010 02:32PM
I've always tagged in the back of the ear until now, but thought I would give the recommended front position a try this year. Nothing seems to be foolproof, a few always seem to loose a tag one way or the other. At least the Shearwell tags don't seem quite so ready to swivel about, perhaps because one end is more square.
Re: Lambing 2010
29 March, 2010 10:08AM
Lovely---They look good and strong Hillary
The Lambing is almost over here on this farm,

It`s been quite tough with the freezing weather .
Me, and Second in command -----
----have been almost solely looking after the livestock as my partner expands his butchers business
This weekend------- turn out

---I`m hoping with the warmer weather the grass should start "getting away"

I`m pleased C.S that your ewe which had the ceasarean has recovered well --- we did the same with a Lincoln ewe--she also lost both lambs but made a very quick "post op" recovery ---alot quicker than the bank balance will !!!!!.

Lovely to see everyones lambs on the forum -Keep them coming
Re: Lambing 2010
29 March, 2010 02:34PM
Lovely pics everyone.

The windmills and your dog are gorgeous Jackie.

Re: Lambing 2010
29 March, 2010 05:03PM
That is a lovely view!
Re: Lambing 2010
29 March, 2010 05:16PM
What are people being charged for c-sections then?
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