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answer environmental protection

Posted by ruckwarmy 
answer environmental protection
17 July, 2017 08:58AM
aggrandizement superintend and director checks the assemble ground amount that masters at present to have 400 many, include to be located in the market of building materials of 10 lis of rivers near 3 annulus of Beijing among them. To this, environmental protection ministry emphasizes, "Messy corrupt " enterprise punish is modular composite fence the key that superintend and director of aggrandizement of prevention and cure of Beijing ferry look forward to and circumjacent area air pollution checks the first level, party Committee of all levels,

government wants complete platoon to check, concentration tries to find out the real intention, requirement each district wants aggrandizement to be superintended daily, How does industry employer live go down, how to answer environmental protection superintend and director to check? General meeting examines content when caravan wall panels environmental protection is censorial: 1, the enterprise produces a situation Company place belongs to industry and main product The product last month and produce can, whether is each line put in operation. Whether does the proprietor of an enterprise violate construction,

whether annulus is judged consistent. Have without add waste gas, liquid waste, solid newly to abandon wait for contaminant. 2, company environmental protection fulfils a wooden fence designs ideas circumstance Whether does the project fulfill annulus to review procedures lawfully, examine annulus to judge file and annulus to judge give an official to wait.
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