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compact protective film

Posted by quangongzi 
compact protective film
17 July, 2017 09:55AM

position; lock lock good flexible opening, high sensitivity, long service life. The above content is to introduce you to the small house door locks, I hope to help you, if you want to know more doors accessories knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Wooden doors, as the name suggests, namely wooden doors. In accordance with the material, process and use, can be divided into solid wood doors, solid wood composite

doors and molded wooden doors, wood doors, environmental protection, practical, widely applicable to people, commercial buildings and residential. The house small to give you a detailed introduction of wood classification and maintenance knowledge. The doors of the door core 1, solid wood composite door solid wood composite door in pine, fir or import filling materials bonded together, with MDF and wood veneer, after high temperature hot pressing,

and solid lines edge. General advanced solid wood composite door, the door core for white pine, surface and solid board. Because the solid wood compound door modelling is diverse, the style is rich. Therefore, solid wood composite door prices have been high, generally in the 1200-2300 yuan a fan, high-grade walnut, cherry wood, Sabili wood, needs 1900 yuan a, such as high-grade Huali wood doors, about 2300 yuan a. The main disadvantage of

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