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Wood flooring main decoration decoration market

Posted by quangongzi 
Wood flooring main decoration decoration market
17 July, 2017 10:38AM
Shanghai seven rtust limited company's wood flooring, also known as ecological wood,western cedar horizontal fence - western central region is based on woody plants, grasses and vines and their processing residues as the main raw material, with a certain percentage of high molecular polymer, through the physical, chemical And automatic control and other high-tech means,deck plywood after processing a professional process of processing a recycling of environmentally friendly new materials.
"This material not only in the performance of the collection of wood, plastic dual advantages, but also have the advantages of ordinary building materials do not have." Compared with solid wood and fiberboard materials, wood-plastic composite materials in the wear, corrosion, moisture,front material options Deformation, fire-retardant, environmental protection and other aspects of outstanding advantages, to withstand the cold and dry weather in the north and the South high temperature and humidity weather damage to the performance of the plate.external wall of qatar Wood plastic materials widely used, people can not only in the outdoor villas, pavilions, green landscapes, municipal facilities to see the figure of wood-plastic materials, but also in the interior materials, home, flooring and other fields, wood-plastic materials are also highly consumer welcome.
Constraints of wood-plastic materials into the field of interior decoration in China is a major factor in the traditional wood-plastic material surface sensory grade is not high enough, if you can do "face" project, wood-plastic materials in the use of interior decoration will be greatly increased. For example, the use of solid wood veneer,the cheapest place to buy the deck can be used as flooring, decorative panels, partitions, etc .; and melamine film paper can be used to make furniture; wood plastic materials to make a variety of wood, color patterns, can be used as Decorative wood; the price of a pallet wood fencewood plastic materials can also be made of door core material. It is noted that the Pujin launched the Austrian holy ecological wood products, all kinds of grain patterns up to dozens of, effectively improve the wood plastic materials, indoor use of ornamental.
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