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Suntech pragmatic, tree industry quality benchmark

Posted by quangongzi 
Suntech pragmatic, tree industry quality benchmark
17 July, 2017 10:52AM

As a contemporary Confucianism, Shi Hebing master is the most valued is a "German" word. Only with the "Suntech pragmatic" attitude, enterprises can do to know shame, Shou line, tell the truth, do practical, effective, and thus in the market to "Germany" service. During the conversation,Silla de pesca portátil para barcos a pair of elderly couples to show the room to see furniture, immediately patted to buy a set of bedroom furniture. The old gentleman talking about: "I have bought mahogany furniture has more than twenty years, ran through countless companies bought several times the furniture, never met the quality so good! If the home of mahogany furniture is' primary school 'He is also a' university 'level. "He also angrily said that those who do not come to the furniture business" under the guise of "low-cost consumers, the real good furniture business Out of the market.

Han Rongrong said: "The current market will enter the rational stage of consumption, there is no core competitiveness of the enterprise sooner or later will be shuffled out of the market. Those who only fight the price regardless of quality, only talk about the goods regardless of service three products, Buy the home after 'repair the law can not use,' these black enterprises can only fishing a ticket left,Silla de playa para niños personalizada can not form a market position. "Han Yuan Chang also" utensils have soul, craftsmen humility ", encouraged Art carving mahogany as the representative of the outstanding enterprises, with meticulous attitude to shape the most noble furniture soul. Shi Hebing master stressed that the art carved mahogany will never sacrifice quality to expand the scale: "mahogany furniture expensive, expensive in your quality, expensive in the taste! Because a set of authentic mahogany furniture, can not really for a person, we just The next generation to keep it! "

In the rising cost of raw materials, fewer and fewer craftsmen under the premise of authentic mahogany furniture, how could there be "jump property prices"? A price of a cargo,Mediados de siglo mobiliario moderno patio in the Shi Bingbing master view, the fundamental needs of consumers is high quality Of the products, art carved mahogany will not enter the "dumping garbage" dead end.

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