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floor is simple

Posted by ruckwarmy 
floor is simple
17 July, 2017 11:28AM
the groove and the groove can't be with, so that the floor can not be expansion, and the floor is not gap, and the floor is not the, and the convex groove is tightly occlusal.This is the reason why the floor convex groove is repeatedly emphasized.
The use and maintenance of reinforced wood floor is simple, and in the daily use, just pay attention to the following points, it can ensure the normal use of the floor.1. Keep the floor dry and clean, and do not use a large amount of water to wash the floor, and avoid the long-term water immersion.
If the floor has a grease and stain, should be careful to clear in time, can use the home soft neutral cleaner to add warm water to deal with, the best use of the floor with the special floor cleaning protection liquid to clean.
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