electronic electric equipment
12 October, 2017 01:32PM
of group of electronic electric equipment five etc for standing director. On the meeting, the expert of the wood industry such as plank and how to calculate thickness of composite floor deck custom-built household, scholar, outstanding entrepreneur is built around everybody board the current situation of custom-built household industry and development ponder over industrial current situation

and development foreground, custom-built household and man-made board the relation of the product, join conference representing to share experience,landscape timber vinyl deck discuss prospective tendency, conspire to develop train of thought. Current association makes Chinese lumber and wood before chief expert Zhu Guang " Chinese man-made Cheapest Continental Fence Panels board industrial current

situation and development foreground " the theme makes a speechChen Yong of expert of research center of trade of forest products of national forestry Composite 2X6 Decking bureau is made " analysis of current situation of man-made board imports and exports and target market are forecasted " the theme makes a speech Accrete elegant room deputy total Wang Tianbing
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