Whither Bryce Harper? And more burning questions from readers.
16 December, 2017 07:15AM
The annual chaos of the Winter Meetings begins Sunday in Orlando, just as the baseball world is showing signs of life. The Nationals have showed very few such signs since deciding on their coaching staff, seemingly moving through the calm before their winter storm. But with the lack of activity has come a lack of clarity about the Nationals’ plans and intentions. So we’ll try to provide some here.Below, find the answers to some reader questions about Bryce Harper’s contract situation, Dave Martinez’s job description and a variety of other topics. These answers could change, perhaps as soon as next week. But here are answers nonetheless, compiled Joe Montana Jersey based on what we know now and what we know about the past.Are the chances of Bryce coming back determined by Mats Zuccarello Jersey Womens finalizing a deal during the season, or is he basically going to be gone if he makes it to the next offseason Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey without a deal? —Captain_CabbyChelsea: We might as well start with Bryce, since so much of this Nationals season will depend on him, and so much of this Nationals season will be spent wondering about which team will depend on him next. Harper has loomed over the Nationals’ dealings for years now. Are they saving up to give him the biggest deal in MLB history? Is the fact that they haven’t crafted an extension yet a sign that the relationship is deteriorating? Would losing Harper to free agency represent http://www.zelslon.com/jerry-rice-jersey-c-1_19.html a devastating blow to the franchise?None of those questions can be answered with anything resembling a firm “yes,” and I think yours falls into that category, too. http://www.authenticcowboysstore.com/shop-by-players-ezekiel-elliott-jersey-c-2_34.html Harper’s intentions are entirely unclear, I think in part by design, in part inevitably. He is a mid-20s superstar facing the biggest decision of his life. Harrison Smith Jersey All signs point to him wanting a big market, and we’ve known that. All signs point to him commanding the biggest free agent deal in American pro sports history, and we’ve http://www.authenticpenguinsshop.com/phil-kessel-jersey-c-1_4.html known that, too. But what we don’t know is which of those things matters more to him.http://alpinetorontolimo.forumcity.com/viewtopic.php?p=3559#3559
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