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Valley Pecan floor

Posted by ruckwarmy 
Valley Pecan floor
16 December, 2017 02:08PM

aspects of leading and promoting the development of the industry. St. Elephant brand is synonymous with high-quality flooring, more than 10 years of market accumulation, the elephant atmosphere, steady, practical, persistent brand image enjoys popular support. Good product, measured to know. Xiaobian take everyone to see this holy

emerald Valley Pecan floor. Brand Name: Holy Elephant Floor Brand Model: Jade Valley Valley Pecan official website: Test items: hand touch, waterproof ability test, anti-fouling ability test, scratch resistance test, veneer Load test. First, the appearance of the first experience Touch by hand, the surface is

smooth, there is no cold feeling in the early autumn season, with the eyes to see, the texture is clear, very wood texture, I want to shop at home such a floor, I feel very Warm. Second, the waterproofing test floor afraid of the interface soaked, and this is where we pick the most valued floor. Xiao Bian took some water in the field directly

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