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Wood floor with sound-absorbing

Posted by meishengchao 
Wood floor with sound-absorbing
18 December, 2017 02:07AM

warm in winter and cool in summer (thermal insulation effect is very good). No matter at any time of the year, people will feel comfortable if they sit on the wooden floor, and there will be no cold or chilly feeling of materials such as tiles, especially suitable for families with elderly and children at home. 2, the natural environment Now large-

scale wood floor enterprises are in the process of purifying formaldehyde technology, negative ion floor can effectively purify the indoor formaldehyde. Therefore, the wooden floor can purify the air and be healthy. 3, prevention of myopia wooden floor can absorb ultraviolet rays, make the eyes feel comfortable, prevent myopia. 4,

absorb noise Wood floor with sound-absorbing, noise, reduce sound pressure, shorten the function of reverberation time, reduce the pollution of noise pollution. At the same time, solid wood flooring soft and hard moderate, coarse and smooth, can play a buffer role, eliminating the danger of falling old children. 5, not easy to condensation

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