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cracks in the wooden floor

Posted by meishengchao 
cracks in the wooden floor
18 December, 2017 04:29AM

not let go. So, how to remove the dust in the crevices of the wood floor? Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning the floor, first of all, it is essential to vacuum the dust! We can install the small nozzle or slot nozzle to the vacuum cleaner to better clean the gap dust . Mian Tuo drag the dust, and then wipe with cotton swabs. Mop, in order to better

achieve the cleaning effect, try to use professional floor cleaner watered against water, but not direct water. How to clear the dust in the cracks in the wooden floor If there is no vacuum cleaner in the house, the blower is also the killer of the gap dust. The hair dryer to the cold, adjust to the appropriate size of the wind, the gap aligned floor

blowing, debris and dust will be blown out. Then, wipe clean again with cloth. In addition, it is also possible to use an electric iron to allow the bacteria to evaporate.

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