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export trade and timber imports

Posted by qizhen0809 
export trade and timber imports
18 December, 2017 04:51AM

research and development investment less than 3% of total investment. Fourth, the economic situation led to lower product prices, product quality and safety there is a big risk.waterproof wooden deck Ceuta
Recently, the 'double standard' of floor surfing was formally implemented. The national standard GB / T20238-2006,cost estimator to replace deck boards 'Acceptance and Usage Specification of Wood Floor Pavement' and 'Technical Specification for Wood Floor Paving' of the Ministry of Construction (CECS191: 2005) Paving the quality of the rules to follow. For the new parquet flooring standards, to provide consumers with 9 simple ways to check the wood flooring pavement is qualified. 1, the accessories used in the

system must be qualified products. 2, the thickness of the mat must be greater than 2mm, the overall slight wave shape. 3, the maximum gap between baseboard product and flooring product should be less than 3mm.veranda composite fence vs wood fence?
4, according to the standard requirements of the pavement,composite door manufacturers only the height of the product can not be greater than 0.2mm. 5, with the blade of the knife back and forth inserted into the floor of the joints, if it can be inserted into the gap may be too large. 6, sawing the door above the floor surface can not be greater than 1.0mm. 7, standing buckle at the Department, with one foot soles quickly beat buckle surface, check the buckle is solid. 8, the

amount of floor standards loss rate usually should not exceed 5%.Outdoor Plastic AC Portable Deck Latin America
9, floor and pipe and walls and other joints should be reserved for 8-12mm telescopic gap. June 28 - July 4 National Wood-based panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to Shen pumping checks to strengthen the floor,low cost wpc park bench the Provincial Furniture Association floor with the professional committees, the successful completion of sampling plans. The spot checks 10 brands of flooring products. President Zushu Wu, Vice President Yu Ya Chen, secretary general Bai Hong and Minister Zhang Ying held several talks with Jiang Songlin, deputy secretary general of the National Wood-

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