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floor decoration

Posted by qizhen0809 
floor decoration
18 December, 2017 05:54AM

Prepare a wet towel, try to screw it into the water, turn on the electric iron heating, and then across the towel with steam Max file ironing floor. Because the heat of the steam spike instant bacteria, so the dirt after ironing, gently wiped away. Nowadays, there are more and more families laying wooden floors. Most people only care about

the selection and matching of wooden floors, but they often neglect their acceptance problems. In fact, this is very necessary and very important. If the floor The existence

of this problem without acceptance, the emergence of future problems will be very bad and troublesome. If you look at the wood floor color is consistent with the beauty of this, if the color difference is large, will affect the appearance, if the color from the surface is almost the same, then we should look carefully to see if the surface pattern is

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