the floor The existence
18 December, 2017 06:52AM

dining chair is very small, single dining or get together with friends are enough. The owner's photography hanging on the wall, black and white image has an irresistible charm. The shape of the chandelier is very special, very modern black shade. Xiaobian words: from the restaurant area to the side of the extension, is the master's work

area. White furniture looks concise and stylish. Photographs composed of unique photo wall, body lines and chairs is more compelling, so that this room exudes a modern artistic charm.I heard that it rained again on weekends. It does not seem to have anything to do with Xiaobian, who still has a codeword on weekends. However, the house

is not a friend of friends around the corner ready to go, want to go around the play? In fact, as long as the house decoration well, do not go out to see the scenery. Today, Xiao Bian take everyone to take a look at 4 wooden flooring decoration, the scenery of the area. Domestic travel Chinese wooden floor decoration In the traditional

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