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furniture market still

Posted by meishengchao 
furniture market still
19 December, 2017 05:56AM

again but furniture market still cold and cheerless Latter, into lipstick wood material occurrence general goes up, it is more and more difficult however that annatto furniture italian synthetic marine floor market clinchs a deal, case of manufacturer pressing goods is severe, industry crisis is deepened. The personage inside course of study thinks, market of 6~8 month furniture is off-season this year will cause an industry to shuffle, also the

connoisseur thinks market low tide or it ikea garden decking is the opportunity that enter goods. Burmese Hua Li from 18 thousand ~2 10 thousand yuan / ton go up to 25 thousand ~3 10 thousand yuan / ton, price of African chrysanthemum pear from 5000 yuan / ton go up to current 6000~7000 yuan / ton, the average commodity price of branch of bright red acid is 250 thousand ~30 10 thousand yuan / ton, litre also have 20%~30% .buy white cedar tung and groove boards in ma Lumber market: The

price is bullish As we have learned, expect into lipstick lumber almost general goes up, but in low end material extent is a bit low, on the high side of high-end material extent.vinyl fencing avo City of material of Guangzhou rich forest trades the market thanks a manager to think, rise in price to basically come from the lumber with relatively commonly used part to be included to be in severe danger species, the strict control that

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