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Technology of saving energy and reducing consumption by self control

Posted by quangongzi 
Technology of saving energy and reducing consumption by self control
19 December, 2017 06:08AM
Electric power acquisition and recording: the built-in power module can realize the multi area, sectional and sectional recording of the electricity consumption, and can record the power and electricity cost of the shift, and support the functions of preservation, export and print of electricity usage data.molecular vacuum pump
Sensor aging detection: the aging of thermocouples and compensating conductors will lead to distortion of temperature measurement, resulting in loss of energy consumption. Huida industrial core technology aging sensor detection can timely detect the aging condition of the sensor, avoid the energy loss caused by the aging of the sensor. This technology has applied for national patent.Graphite Film Resistance Heating Furnace
Load aging detection: it can display the load performance status in real time, and give the load detection report, which can effectively detect the real-time resistance, loss percentage, load aging rate and other data.
Accurate temperature control: the PID control algorithm used by the whole system is the independent research and development of the company. It has the characteristics of small overshoot, high control precision, fast and stable. At the same time, it supports fixed value temperature control and time program temperature control. According to users' needs, we choose suitable temperature control mode, which has high accuracy of temperature control, stable and reliable operation, simple operation, and effectively avoid unnecessary loss of energy consumption.vacuum oilgas quench furnaces voq
Re: Technology of saving energy and reducing consumption by self control
11 January, 2018 12:28PM
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