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word on the floor

Posted by qizhen0809 
word on the floor
19 December, 2017 07:57AM

skirting board is also one of the hidden environmental 'killer'. Because most of the wooden skirting board in the production process also use formaldehyde adhesive series, veneer or lacquer. Moreover, the surface of the skirting board can not be as dense as the surface of the floor. During normal use, the free formaldehyde in the substrate can

easily be released with impunity to pollute the indoor air environment. Laminate flooring During installation, a floor mat will be laid between the floor and the floor. In this small, forgotten space, it is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria, often become the corners of the family environmental protection, so the choice of a floor mat with anti-

corrosion function is to ensure that the floor a comprehensive environmental protection an important part. Today, more and more families choose to install floor heating at home in order to solve the problem of heating in winter. After all, to warm warm to warm up from the foot, relatively more in line with the comfort needs of human

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