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requirements of the floor

Posted by qizhen0809 
requirements of the floor
19 December, 2017 11:01AM

Composite wood flooring itself is a high-tech products, and the market 29 yuan / m2 floor is why? Good floor wear layer generally use more than 45 grams of imported solid alumina, wear The degree of AC3 above; sub-floor using about 20 grams of domestic wear-resistant layer, or even wear-resistant layer; sub-floor decorative fuzzy

hair, the sun will fade long-term exposure; good floor core density and uniform, pure wood fiber length, Formaldehyde low release, good deformation is not good; sub-floor core mostly short staple fiber and a large number of bark, resulting in black core material, low density uneven, requires a lot of glue, formaldehyde serious release, in

case of wet Deformation from the drum. Select the service Do not believe in false promise because the floor after ordering, there must be a fixed installation of professional installation team, there must be specific installation specifications and service requirements. Many businesses selling low-quality flooring on the market promise 15-year

" dowel style wood fence panel , exterior pvc lumber , cost of materials for 200 sqaure foot deck , cons of outdoor adventure "
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